Zulu Battle Field Tours

Having 82 battlefields, museums, and galleries, old fortifications as well as spots of the memorial, the Route features the biggest concentration of important Battles and war-related places than any place in Africa.

But there’s still more! in this particular similar area, or nearby, are several of the finest game parks and conservancies in the area where you could view the Big Five, wonderful bird viewing spots, the spectacular mountains of the uKhahlamba/Drakensberg Heritage Park, several adventure sports spots not to mention Zulu Culture as well as Heritage sites.

When you intend your holiday in South Africa look first at exactly what the Battlefields Route of KwaZulu-Natal is offering.

The battlefields of KwaZulu-Natal have drawn researchers, royals, military scholars, travelers and family descendants for many years. It has led to the Battlefields Tour of KwaZulu-Natal being one among the most favored tours.

The following are a few of the more famous and significant sites to visit.

Anglo/Zulu War / Battle of Isandlwana


This Anglo/Zulu war was among the most bloody and damaging of all of the colonial wars. There, the British endured one of the very most disastrous defeats during the whole colonial era. The defeat briefly brought the development of the empire to some shuddering halt. From the minds of the political leaders and generals, this fight would be a positive means of integrating Zululand to the empire. The British thought that their excellent firepower and fighting skills will guarantee their victory.

Battle of Rorke’s Drift

Rorke's Drift Battlefield (23 January 1879)


A brief drive takes you through the Batshe Valley, in which you can stop to see the spot in which Lord Chelmsford started an attack on the Zulu chief’s stronghold.

Fugitive’s Drift



While you leave Rorke’s Drift, a stop on Fugitive’s Drift around the Buffalo River ends the day. It’s the river crossing in which a number of survivors of the massacre in Isandlwana battled back to Colonial Natal, attacked by rampaging Zulu warriors.

Anglo/Boer War


The Anglo/Boer war of 1899 went down in the history of British Military history being a David and Goliath battle where the outnumbered and outgunned Boers at first caused bloody defeats to the great British Empire.

Battle of Spioenkop

Trench graves, Spioenkop battlefield.

This significant fight included the British efforts to relieve their forces who had been trapped in Ladysmith. Right after a dramatic and bloody day by which men fought against themselves to a virtual standstill, each side retreated believing they were beaten.