Why People Need To Consider The High Tea 12 Apostles Hotel

Finding the perfect place to stay when you are traveling to a a place as exotic as South Africa you may find that it is rather hard to find the perfect place to stay. This is when you should know more about the High Tea 12 Apostles hotel. By knowing about this location you can see why it is consistently rated as one of the best hotels in South Africa, but also why it has become such a destination place for people of all ages and charms.


On site restaurant that is present is going to be one of the major pluses that you will enjoy when you stay at this hotel. With some of the hotels when they say they have an on site restaurant it generally means you are going to be going out to eat because the food and drink leaves you wanting more. However, with this location it is going to have some of the best food and the food quality is good enough that it has a tendency to draw in the locals who are going to want to enjoy the food along with you.


The amenities offered at the location are going to vary from the on site spa to the nature hikes that you can go on. All of these when you combine them together for your full trip is going to make your trip one that you will not forget anytime soon. Instead, you will find that the trip is going to make it easier for you to remember your trip for years to come. However, what else you will enjoy is the fact this is a location that has broken down a lot of their adventures into what people enjoy from family adventures to trips the wine lovers will enjoy.


Finally the rooms are simply amazing. The rooms have a lot of the modern day comforts that you would expect from a five star resort, but they also have the down home feel that you want to have as well. So you will have a chance to really enjoy the region even more because you know that when you get back to the hotel the room will be properly prepared for you and it is going to make it easier for you to enjoy the trip because you have a great place to go back to at night.


Finding the perfect place to stay at night when you are traveling can be difficult to do. This is when you should know about a place like the High Tea 12 Apostles Hotel. By knowing about this location in beautiful Cape Town, it will be easy for you to find the … Read the rest

Discover The High Tea Mount Nelson Hotel

Locating a dream hotel is usually something people only dream about doing. However, when people are looking at the High Tea Mount Nelson Hotel, they need to realize they can pinch themselves because they are not going to wake up. This place is like a dream, but it is a dream that people are actually living. This is a place that offers everything that people would want to have, but also has something for the entire family as well. With that being the case, let us talk about the High Tea Mount Nelson Hotel and what makes this such an attractive venue.


The main feature that people will enjoy with the hotel is the location. It is located in the beautiful city of Cape Town. However, it is not near all the headache regions that people see on the news. Instead, it is located in the beautiful and lush areas that are going to make it easier for people to go outside and simply enjoy their stay. It is important that people pay close attention to the schedules that are provided to make sure they are back in time for certain events.

One of those events that people will want to make sure they are back for is going to be the afternoon tea. The afternoon tea service at the High Tea has been rated as the best in Cape Town for quite some time now. However, what is really nice is they have taken and perfectly blended their signature team from six different teas. All of these when combined have made it possible for people to have a great tasting tea, but also get each of the flavors of the other teams coming through, which can really enhance the tea drinking experience that people want to have at a formal afternoon tea.


The hotel has also worked with several other businesses as well to set up multiple activities for people to select from. These are going to include anything from a historical walking tour around the city to the romantic connections that people may want to get when they are at Mount Nelson. Sometimes though the entire family may just want to go out on the Township Farm Tour so they can start to learn how the country raises their products and start to learn the methods that are different than where they are from.

Room selection can also play a part in what people are going to think of a hotel. When people are at the High Tea Mount Nelson they will generally find they have three different types of rooms. They have the standard type of room that are considered the deluxe rooms and … Read the rest